Over half a century later, and the Rana family is still guided by the same principles:  creativity, taste, passion. From carefully picked ingredients to updated and patented machines, we put love in everything we do. That's how our fresh-filled pasta became Italy's favorite. Our family keeps growing and our mission never changes - we want to embrace the future.

Giovanni Rana

From the tiny kitchen in San Giovanni Lupatoto we have made it all the way to America!
And I still feel the same way I felt when riding my little red Guzzi motorbike, happily unaware of the road ahead.
For me, it's a wonderful miracle. There’s no secret to this success - we just believe that dreams come true with hard work and great passion. And so it has been, ever since I started selling my tortellini shop-to-shop.

Gian Luca Rana CEO

I am passionate about what I do, and so is our whole team - we strive for improvement and always try to outdo ourselves.
Our brand is not just a package label - it's an actual family, rooted in Italy for three generations, who has vowed to bring their fine pasta all over the world. That’s how our family grows!
The urge to extend beyond Italy was all mine, first as a tribute to my father and to pasta, then as a strong call for adventure - introducing our lovely products to dinner tables further away. It’s quite a challenge because we always focus on quality, ideas, and above all, people.


The strength of our history is such that over the course of 57 years it has involved thousands of families all over the world, who have worked and continue to work with us. And my father Giovanni is the inspiring guide of this truly “extended” family!
Currently our community is made up of 3200 members - it’s hard to imagine how large we might become in a few years’ time. Our children are not the "third generation", since that third generation is made of those passionate, enthusiastic, and modern family members - thousands of people who share our dream.